BPG position statements

The BPG carried out a workshop in 2012 with the aim of producing position statements on a number of topics which were the subject of frequent enquires from the media and other groups. The statements were principally aimed at the media, non-dermatology specialist medical groups and expert patient groups. The BPG workshop members with specialist expertise in particular areas were asked to drawn up a draft statement which was to include evidence and expert opinion. Each draft statement was discussed on the day of the workshop, modified and a final version agreed.

The following are the updated statements in 2016

These statements are also published on the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) website.

The statements are on ultraviolet emissions and compact fluorescent lamps, sunbeds, vitamin D, dermatological photodynamic therapy, phototherapy for skin diseases, skin photoprotection and sun protection in schools.

Attached files:
BPG Position statement - Sunprotection
BPG Position statement - PDT
WordBPG Position statement - Sunbeds
(Word format, 47kb)
BPG Position statement - Compact Fluorescent Lights
(Word format, 127kb)
BPG Phototherapy
(Word format, 21kb)